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The hunter finds it particularly attractive, if he understands how to imitate as many voices as possible of animals in nature. He can effortlessly imitate some voices using his mouth, however, he cannot do without technical aids for most of them.

The “Hubertuslocken” in this gift case have proven themselves exceptionally well for use in green practice. These instruments were painstakingly developed by experts, who have not only carefully monitored the behaviour of the animals, but also have a fine ear for acoustic reproduction (tone, pitch, volume, and modulation).

Even the very best instruments are no good, if one does not put an effort into mastering them, to correctly applying them at the right time and at the right place.

Practice also makes perfect in this case. We can find the template in the choir of many voices of our free-living animal kingdom outside in nature.

And what hunter does not experience a special feeling of happiness when, using his imitations, he succeeds in outwitting living and smart animals, making them answer or even draw closer? We render a hearty huntsman’s salute to all

lure hunters

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