Deer lures

Roe lures

The lures are set to the doe’s whimper. The whimper is the roe’s language of communication and must therefore be regarded as the most natural and most correct whistling method. The whimper should not be set too high, otherwise more does than bucks will approach. A good rule of thumb is not to whistle too much.

During use, hold the whistle in the hollow of your hand in such a way that the mouthpiece still protrudes from the closed hand for about 1 cm between the thumb and forefinger. Place the whistle on your moderately pursed lips, don’t stick it in your mouth. A short breath creates the short, gentle, and natural whimper sound “fie”.

One should only start whistling after taking up one’s position as quietly as possible. After a break of approx. 10-15 minutes, one begins to whistle in more or less the following manner:

2-3 whimpers in different directions, then a pause of 1-2 minutes, after that 2-3 whimpers, then after a pause of 3-4 minutes one would repeat the above once more.

The individual sounds should not follow each other too quickly, roughly at the speed of breathing: whimper sound - breathe in - breathe out - whimper sound etc. After whistling one should quietly remain in position for 10-15 minutes, it occasionally happens that leaving the position too quickly might cause the buck to bound off in a flash. Whistling from the ground seems more natural than from a perch.

Buttolo whistle (Item 290)

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Buttolo mouth whistle (Item 295)

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Sour cherry wood lure (Item 303)

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Whimper whistle (Item 304)

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